[Release] Radio System

Hello Unity Users!

This is a radio system, remade like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. You can use more then one ‘Audio Source’.This is only for local client. This system use 3D Spatial Blend. You need only a character controller with tag setted up with ‘Player’ (on main root of the character controller). I will update this system in the future.

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Current version: 0.2

Asset’s unity forum page:


Asset’s forum page:





-change channel: Q
-interact with radio: E
-exit interaction: X

Main features:
— You can use more radios in-game.
— You can create custom radio channels.
— Audio Sources are 3D Spatial Blend.
— For car’s radio you have a display where is the name of music and the name of the selected channel.
— You can add .mp3 file and .wav. For a realistic experience you can create in Audacity few radio shows.
— This system doesn’t use raycast for interacting. I create a script for this system.

The character controller from this asset is for demo but isn’t necessary to add in your project. You can use your character controller.

You can build a disco or somethings like this using a channel with your musics without commercial radio shows.

I will update this system and topic. Sorry for my bad english. I wait your comments (and some ideas if you want to help me to improve). Best Regards!

22.01.2018 18:23 – Pending Review
22.01.2018 21:37 – Published